Flexible and Elaborate Modularization Process

· Satisfy with workload for each department, hospital and region etc.

· Can flexibly dispose basic data, business process and other special function

Appointment and Registration
Queue Number
Film Examination
Images Diagnosis
Remote Consultation
Report Audit

Professional Capability of Images Computing, Processing and Storaging

CFDAAcuqired CFDA Certificate


More than 95% Functions of the Original Advanced Workstations

Excellence Experience

Searching Full Database in One Second, Full-processing Application, Easily and Not Train

Unconstrained Scene

Any Computer Terminal, Whole Network Application, Never Inseparable

Capability of Images Storage

EB Image Storage and Management

Support All DICOM Standard Device Images

· Adopt the latest DICOM 3.0 international standard

· View medical images in anywhere and anytime

Covering All Medical Imaging Departments

· Connected multiple types images equipment, and satisfy all images department

· To provide high-speed images viewing and reporting features for all departments

Nuclear Medicine

Construction of Healthcare Data Center in All Departments

· Integrate seamlessly images datas and clinical datas

· Describe patient's condition in every aspect through multidimensional data structure

· Ensure integrity and symmetry of healthcare data: real-time process, analysis and immediately share

Outpatient cases
Inpatient Cases
Image Report
Pathology Results
ECG Report
Laboratory Report
Gene Detection
Other Data

Realize Region Unite Consultation of Multiple Institutions and Multidisciplinary

· The basic Internet remote consultation service allows distance without borders

· Make them collaboration between group hospital, medical joint, regional hospital, clinical speciality

Video Meeting

Desktop Sharing

Whiteboard Sharing

IM Cumtom Group

Multiple Collaboration Model based on Internet System

· From remote diagnosis to therapeutic schedule, operation plan and guide long-distance operation

· Fully satisfy distance teaching, distance training, distance video meeting, data sharing, and collaboration work etc.

· As a collaboration platform for hospital group, medical joint, city, provincial medical laboratory, clinical specialist and multidisciplinary

Comprehensive Data Presentation

· Satisfy with multidimensional workload account at level of department, hospital and region etc

· Realize data whole presentation in each node of regional level and medical joint

Reconstruct the Relationship Between Patient, Doctor and Hospital

· In the past, patient images, doctor and hospital must be unification in time and space

· Now, doctor can work in anywhere as long as have internet which break the limitation of time and space

· Break time and space, the doctor can diagnosis in anywhere and anytime, and to enjoy the flow experience from YIZHEN


Ensure Patient Privacy

· Take SSL128 encrpytion technology, assure unauthorized users can not view patient information, ensure patients privacy

· Take doctor electronic signature, ensure rigorous diagnosis and patients information

· Strictly register and login, protect institutions information security

Excellent User Experience

· Install-free, simple, usable

· More personality setting, cater to the needs of different institutions

· Standard images report template, and online printing

· Collect every valuable research patient, witness doctor growth accumulated bit by bit

· Record users each actions, assure all actions well documented and find problem in time

· New examination and report remind, doctors not need foucs on screen all the time

· Message receive and send, improve communicate efficiency

· ......

Wholeheartedly Create Doctors Favorite Platform


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